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Sony FS7 MKII with the new 18-110mm F4 parfocal Sony zoom lens, with IS. Unlike the first version, this one has variable auto ND. Shoots in 4k but also in XDCAM HD if needed for broadcast. Comes with V lock plate, 4 extra V lock batteries, rain cover, 2 x 128 GB SQD card. One of the most versatile cameras and lenses on the market today.

Sony PMW 200 camera and sound package rental, shoots in NTSC or PAL frequency, broadcast quality.

This is a great and easy to operate HD broadcast/ENG camera.  We use it for a lot for Dutch national TV (SBS, RTL, AVROTROS and Veronica) for their shoots in California. Shoots in XDCAM HD 50mb, in various formats including 1080i and 1080p (BBC broadcast standard, PAl/NTSC). Attach any professional mic with the 2 XLR inputs. Upload your footage easily to your Mac or PC. Comes with 2 sennheiser wireless microphone sets (EW 100 ENG G3), wireless sennheiser interview mic and/or boom with sennheiser shotgun mic. Including XLR cable, 2 LED light panels and LED camera light, additional filters, 2 batteries (for full day) and 2 SXS memory cards (64  and 32 gb). Can be rented with Tascam DR -60D MKII audiorecorder/mixer and experienced camera/boomoperator. Ask for weekly rate.

Avid Media Composer 8.0

Rent a surface book pro (performance based) laptop with Avid Media Composer with or without experienced editor. Easy when you need to edit on the set or in your hotelroom. Phone assistance available. 

mavic mini.jpg

The Mavic Mini drone weighs just 249 grams and therefore does not need a license or permit to fly. While it is small, the image quality is amazing and we use it for a variety of shoots.

Very practical bicolor LED lights (160 0r 280 LEDS) with dimmer 3200K to 5500K. Easy to take with you. Can also be placed on the camera. Ideal for ENG interview situations. Comes with batteries and charger (plug in and car).

Below left: our lightweight booms can be used with our Senheisser microphone. Perfect for on location film shoots or TV shoots. Comes with long XLR cable or use it wireless. Can be rented with boom operator.


Below right: it's amazing what this great light reflector can do for your shoot, especially with the California sun. Very practical for outdoor shoots where you cannot bring a lot of artificial light. Can be used for scenes with 1 or 2  actors but also for on camera presentations for TV programs.

Personally, we like to shoot handheld, especially with the optical steadyshots on our camera's and the option of using a gimbal. But for some shoots you just can't do without this lighweight high quality Sachtler tripod. Can be used with all of our camera's and any DSLR. So just in case, we always take it with us on our shoots.

The Tascam DR-60D MKII is a mixer and 4 track audiorecorder in one device. It lets you record the sound mix on location directly in your camera via Line out or Camera in (XLR or minijack), while at the same time recording a back up in the Tascam using SD cards. You can attach 3 sound sources, for example 2 lavaliers an 1 boom mic and mix it down to 1 or 2 seperate channels for output to the camera. The Tascam will record the signal to 3 seperate tracks (or 4 if you use dual recording on 1 source. Dual recording lets you record the same sound at a lower level as a safety track). Perfect choice for DSLR's that have limited sound options, or any ENG package.

Read the reviews online and you know why people choose this smart little device. Comes with all the cable you may need (XLR, minijack), a 32 GB San disk SD card, rechargable batteries and a seperate USB powered battery pack for all day recording.

Black Magic Design video assist, comes with SDI and HDMI cable, AC adapter and 3 batteries. Works with SD cards. Great way to record in higher bit rates than your camera, for use as external monitor or to record a video feed in edit ready format such as ProRes or Avid DNXHD.

Parrot teleprompter. Very portable autocue, fits on many different lenses. Works with free app that you can install on your phone.

Includes Bluetooth remote to operate the app while filming. We used it many times for corporate shoots, and it works great. Even though the screen is small, your presenter can read it from a fair distance, at least from 7 feet away.

Ford Expedition EL production vehicle with sunroof. Seats 7 passengers comfortably with plenty of cargo space for camera equipment. Tinted windows for extra security, 4x4 will take your gear wherever you need to shoot. Driver available.

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