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This is by no means a complete list of projects, but just some pictures of the many projects we have completed in the last decade....

burbank festival 2021.jpg
priscilla presley.jpg

Left: at the award show of the Burbank International film festival in 2021, for my short film Friend.

Right: Jorrit Van Der Kooi with Priscilla Presley at the awardshow for his short film Friend.


Directing and producing the short film "Friend" in december 2019. Shot with the Sony FS7 MKII.

Winning a "Best of Festival Award" for the short film Lockdown at the Show Low Filmfestival in 2020.


Spring 2018. We did the location scout, secured permits and insurance and acted as local producer for this photo shoot for America Today,  a leading European apparel line. We negotiated deals with the Venice Beach Skatepark, Four Aces movieranch and other locations for exclusive use for the photoshoot.


Directing and co producing the short film "Lockdown" in 2018. We shot it with the Canon C100 so we could easily mount it to the Ronin M. We used the Blackmagic video assist to record in a higher bitrate than the camera's internal codec.

Film shoot for the short film "Your Favorite Place", near beautiful Santa Barbara, using our Canon C100 on our Ronin and a jib. I am in the middle and directing/co-producing. February 2017.

Pictures from our international shoots


Directing a scene for the travel show Tracks & Trails for RTL 4, this time in Laax, Switzerland in 2014.


During our shoot in Italy in 2014, we used helicopters with several go pro's attached for best results.

Mountainbiking is also filmed with several go pro's and with the ENG XDcam usually from the trunk of a car. This is in Italy in 2014



TV special about Bijans' bugatti Veyron in Beverly Hills for Ranking The Cars, 2011.

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