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Please note that this is just a small selection of the many projects we work on, on a yearly basis....

Dutch DJ Jay Hardway's music video Stardust, was shot in California. Silver Spirit Pictures was hired to do production on location, including location scouting and casting the little boy who plays the lead role. Stardust had 50.000 hits on Youtube within the first 2 hours of release, and we are now approaching 5 million hits. Shot with the Sony FS7 in 4k in LA and Santa Barbara.

During 2 seasons I produced/directed/sold 20 episodes of the successful TV series Ranking The Cars for Veronica TV, a national network in Europe. This lifestyle/reality show is about the owners of classic and rare cars. All filmed on location in Hollywood, Las Vegas and Amsterdam, in XDCAM HD. Veronica TV scheduled the show just after Top Gear, but we often managed to get higher ratings than the BBC hitshow! We also developed the format and sold it directly to the TV channel. 

I was hired as the local producer for the trailer of the horror film "The Shadow" in 2018. Shot in 8K with the Arriflex and Anamorphic lenses. We took care of permits, insurance, locations and various other tasks.

I am proud to have worked with the talented artist Mauricio Saravia for the short film "Frames". We filmed it in Hollywood and used one of his poems as an inspiration for this short. Sadly Mauricio passed away a few months after the filming  and he never got to see the final result. We made this film from script to final cut, and filmed it with the Sony Z7.

This is the trailer for my feature length documentary about Colonel Parker, Elvis' manager.  We shot it in Las Vegas, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This documentary had a theatrical premiere and also aired on Dutch National TV on the 100th birthday of the Colonel. It received high acclaim in many national newspapers for showing a different, much more positive side of the most legendary and innovative showbizz manager ever.

This is one of the most impressive cars we encountered for Ranking the Cars. This custom made bugatti is part of the collection of the owner of the Bijan store in Beverly Hills.

During 2013-2015 I directed many episodes for the travel show Tracks & Trails, airing on RTL and SBS. This is a promo for the Lapland episode, directed and edited by us. We filmed in +10 countries, such as Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, Swiss, etc.

We are filming most of the USA based content for our partner fcce.tv, an Emmy award winning production company. One of the shows we regularly work on during the last 2 years is A-list lifestyle. This is an example of a video for which we filmed in Maui, Hawaii.

I directed and produced the short film Friend in Santa Barbara, California in 2020. Friend won the award for best youth actress at the Venice Shorts festival in 2021 and it was screened at the Burbank International Film festival on September 12th 2021.

Silver Spirit Pictures did production on location for this very popular (more than 300.000 youtube hits in just the first 2 weeks, now over 2 million) music video for the Dutch DJ's Lucas and Steve, in Hollywood. We arranged permits for locations, props and also supplied some of our equipment! This music video was shot with the sony FS7 in 4K.

I directed and co-produced (together with 1912 Picture Company) the short film Your Favorite Place in 2018. All filmed on location in Santa Barbara, CA. Screened at the Ojai filmfestival (premiere), Silicon Beach filmfestival and the Seal Beach filmfestival.

I directed and co-produced the short film "Lockdown". A short film with a message about gun violence. All filmed in California with the Canon C100 and external recorder. Lockdown won the "Best of Festival" award at the Show Low Filmfestival in 2020. It was also selected for the Ojai filmfestival and the 2020 San Luis Obispo  international filmfestival. In 2022 it ended up in the semi finals of the Central Coast Exposition Showcase.

Another show we work on regularly is Scoop, about showbizz news from Hollywood, again for our partner fcce.tv, in Europe. We film the red carpets and record video feeds during the Golden Globes, the Oscars and many other film premieres.

I directed and co produced the short film Knock Knock in 2021. It won 2 award winner at the 2021 Show Low Filmfestival: 1 for best film in its category and an award for best supporting actress for Janelle Christa who plays the role of the mother.

I directed and co-produced the short comedy film False Alarm in 2021. Starring Robert Castillo, Janelle Christa and Brendan McIvor Fleming. It was accepted for the 2022 Independent Video Film Festival of Pavlos Paraschakis in Greece, which is a film festival taking place in October.  And it won the 3rd place award for best film at the 2022 Show Low Filmfestival.