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Jorrit Van Der Kooi founded the company in Hollywood, CA in 2001 when he developed, sold, directed/presented the 10 episode TV series Rodeo Drive. This lifestyle show was about the owners of rare and unusual cars in Beverly Hills. It aired on RTL Netherlands which is a prominent, national TV station in Europe.

​After that we produced and directed TV series such as Ranking The Cars, documentaries and award-winning independent films in Hollywood, CA. Currently (2022), we are in post-production (color grade and audio mix) for a 40-minute psychological thriller and in pre-production for a feature film. Apart from our own projects, we get hired by many (overseas) TV stations or companies for their own production needs in California. This can range from producing film and TV shoots in Hollywood to casting and location scouting for music videos and corporate films. Storytelling and content is what inspires us, so we are always looking for untold stories and meaningful ideas.

We own most of our 4K camera equipment, so often there is no need to rent.

We understand the different approaches a European client could have for a local shoot in California or Las Vegas. And we understand budgets and deadline demands.  We work in the most sustainable manner as possible (avoiding air travel when possible and keeping our carbon footprint minimal). We are always looking for long term relations with our clients and partners, so we keep our promises!

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